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Don't destroy Washington State

Digital Billboards Will Be Approved Statewide


Right now, our State legislators are moving toward nullifying Washington’s Scenic Vistas Act by allowing advertising-driven digital billboards on our state highways and scenic byways. This change to our long-held laws will allow this visual pollution to dominate our beautiful landscape and create unsafe driver distraction (Senate Bill SB 5304 and House Bill HB 1408). As if this is not objectionable enough, the Senate Transportation Committee is studying the idea of selling our natural beauty. This move would make Washington the first state in the nation to consider such a detrimental relationship with the outdoor industry. Across the country, expensive legal battles are being fought to move away from the mistake of digital billboards, why would Washington be blindly moving forward?

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It is asserted by the outdoor industry that “emergency messaging” is the public benefit for receiving this highly lucrative 24/7 advertising opportunity. However, emergency messaging is extremely rare at less than 1% of the time and Washington State’s Department of Transportation (WSDOT) already operates a comprehensive public system we have all paid for.

A just released Israeli driver-distraction report shows collisions and injuries (including fatalities) dropped 85% when billboards were removed; in Sweden digital billboards are being removed due to their own research; and Australia warns of great liabilities around digital billboards.

Washingtonians will have to live with these energy-hog monstrosities for the rest of our lives. Once installed, you can’t turn them off! And as we expand or change our roadways, our cities and the State will be burdened with unimagined costs of removal, as is being played out right now in lawsuits across the country.

Unless we act immediately, we will see digital billboards throughout the state like those on tribal lands on Interstate 5 at Fife. Your voice matters, we have already been successful in helping stop these visually polluting, dangerous, energy-hogs from being approved in Tacoma and King County! Please let Olympia know we are not interested in ruining our State now or in the future.

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